Last month The Lake County Sheriff’s Office released its 2018 annual report for the Lake County Adult Detention Facility. With a focus on Sheriff Dan Dunlap’s stated goal “to return inmates back to society better than when they first came to our doors,” the jail welcomed 160 volunteers to provide programs aimed at improving the wellbeing of its inmates. These included educational, rehabilitative and spiritual services, including the Sunday services provided by the Lake County Jail Ministry.

The jail processed 5,249 inmates in 2018, housing an average of 350 inmates per day. Of those, 265 were male and 85 were female. The felons to misdemeanor ratio was 2/1, respectively. As reflected by national trends, the jail has seen a dramatic increase in incarcerated individuals over the last 10 years.

If you are interested in gaining further insight into the Lake County Jail, the population it serves and the challenges it faces, link to their annual report here: