LAKE COUNTY JAIL MINISTRY offers hope to incarcerated men and women and to those who have recently been released from jail. Founded in 1985, we are a 501C3 non-profit organization dedicated to serving those who are incarcerated, their families and the staff at the Lake County Jail. We seek to do this through a cooperative effort of support from area churches and individuals.

Inside the bars we bring the word of God to inmates through Sunday church services and one-on-one visits. We conduct three church services every Sunday morning; two for men and one for women. Our licensed chaplain, Kenneth Hall, facilitates communication with the jail staff, guides the volunteers and schedules ministry times within the facility. Inmates may request one-on-one visits with trained volunteers as appropriate.

Outside the bars we invite volunteers to participate in Community Life Groups that come along side former inmates who desire a fresh start. Volunteers are prepared for the experience through comprehensive training and ongoing follow-up after the Community Life Group is under way. Each Community Life Group is made up of five volunteers who commit to meeting once a week for one year with a former inmate. Anyone interested in joining a Community Life Group can start by filling out our volunteer application, which can be found here: