Sheriff Dunlap: Community Connections are Vital for Successful Reentry

Some form of community involvement is essential to improving outcomes for formerly incarcerated men and women, according to Lake County Sheriff Daniel Dunlap. He says the larger community, not just family, has a critical role to play in their future success or failure. This is why Sheriff Dunlap and his staff welcome more than 140 … Continue reading Sheriff Dunlap: Community Connections are Vital for Successful Reentry

LCJM in the News

Last November, the News Herald published an article featuring a new initiative by the Lake County Jail Ministry (LCJM) that will focus on after care for formerly incarcerated individuals. After serving inmates "inside the bars" for over 30 years through Sunday church services and one-on-one mentoring, LCJM saw the critical need for more intensive mentoring … Continue reading LCJM in the News

Donate today

Your gift to the Lake County Jail Ministry brings hope to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals in many ways. Donations are used to purchase training and education materials, bibles and program fees. Lake County Jail Ministry is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to serving our community. The DONATE button below is an easy way to … Continue reading Donate today

Meet the Chaplain

For several years Chaplain Kenneth Hall, a former state trooper, moved between the worlds of law enforcement and spiritual leadership. His experience has given him a unique perspective on the challenges facing people whose choices carry them from arrest to incarceration. He believes the path to restoration for the incarcerated begins with healthy relationships. “They … Continue reading Meet the Chaplain